Big Shot Single Speed Fixie Track, 24 Inches, Blue

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From the manufacturer: Passionate bike enthusiasts, Big Shot Bikes have been featured in multiple national publications; being recognized as experts in mass customization of bikes. Originating as a racing bike in the late 1800’s, track bikes had no braking system and were used only on specially made tracks or inside velodromes for cycling races. Our updated track bike holds all the nostalgia of a classic track racing bike, with the modern upgrades that optimize it for smooth street and city riding.

Frame size: 24 Inches (Very tall!)
Standover height: 32 Inches
Tire size: 700 x 25
Color: Blue
Frame material: Steel

Every effort is made to show scratches or cosmetic imperfections. We understand aesthetics is important in your purchase, but we ask that you remember these are previously owned bicycles. Prices reflect aesthetic condition.

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