CatEye Combo Set HL-EL085RC TL-LD635R AMPP500/Rapid Mini

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CatEye Combo AMPP500/Rapid Mini HL-EL085RC/TL-LD635R

A great value set of dependable rechargeable lights with formidable run times


  • Robust matt polycarbonate body
  • Larger side lens for wider beam and enhanced side visibility
  • 4 modes - 2 flashing, 2 steady

Tail light:

  • Minimalist tail light, big output
  • 4 modes (1 Steady and 3 Flashing)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Mode memory
  • USB rechargeable

Color: Black
Modes: 4Front/4Rear
Front/Rear: Combo
Rechargable: USB
Max Lumens: Front 500/25 Rear
Lumen Search Range: 301-500

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