Green Goblin Disc Hybrid, Green, 20.5 Inches

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What is it? Not sure. Let's call it the Green Goblin.

This bike was set up to be a good commuter- with disc brakes and wide tires it offers a comfortably smooth ride. BUT whoever owned it didn't want it getting stolen so they painted over everything. We get these occasionally … This time, we opted out of doing the research to see what it is, which means a bargain deal for you!

You can be sure it's received the full CCofCA refurb so it's guaranteed ready to ride.

Frame size: 20.5 Inches
Standover height: 32 Inches
Tire size: 650 x 47
Color: Green
Year: Unknown

Every effort is made to show significant scratches or cosmetic imperfections. We understand aesthetics is important in your purchase, but we ask that you remember these are previously owned bicycles. Prices reflect aesthetic condition.

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