Performance Bikes Thrasher Ahoy Matey Youth, 16 Inch Wheel, Blue

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From the manufacturer: Your young cyclist will probably be ready for 2-wheels sooner than you think, so the Thrasher comes with removable training wheels. Its aluminum frame, which is not only lightweight, but also durable, makes it the ideal choice to stand up to the wear and tear of a first or second bike. The Thrasher's coaster brakes are ideal for the coordination of young riders and their powerful stopping ability will keep them safe in any riding environment. For kids who enjoy playing dress-up while riding or otherwise prefer loose clothing, the chainguard ensures that their cowpoke chaps don't get greasy or torn. While you think through all of the important life lessons to be learned and anticipate the incredible shared family time in your future, the Thrasher will keep your child fascinated for the road ahead!

Frame size: 9 Inches
Wheel size: 16 Inches
Standover height: 18 Inches
Color: Blue

Every effort is made to show significant scratches or cosmetic imperfections. We understand aesthetics is important in your purchase, but we ask that you remember these are previously owned bicycles. Prices reflect aesthetic condition.

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