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Repair Services

Community Cycles of California offers a full-service repair experience. Whether you're in need of minor repairs or a major overhaul, let our knowledgeable and experienced mechanics get your bike road-ready again.


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Our most popular services:


Flat Fix

$15 per wheel + cost of tube


Basic Service Package $25.00

  1. Safety inspection & adjustments of brakes and derailleurs
  2. Clean & lubricate chain


Plus Service Package $45.00

  1. Gear & brake inspection & adjustment 
  2. Clean & lubricate chain
  3. Replace cables &/or cable housings if required
  4. Replace rim brake pads if required ($5 credit for new disc brake pads)
  5. $5 credit if new chain required


Basic Tune-up Multi-Speed  $110.00

Includes $45 Plus Service Package as well as:

  1. Bolt check your entire bicycle
  2. Inflate tires
  3. Check saddle and stem alignment
  4. Check & adjust headset
  5. Check & adjust hubs
  6. Check & adjust bottom bracket
  7. Check & adjust cassette lockring
  8. Check & adjust shifters
  9. True wheels
  10. Wipe down frame surfaces
  11. Test ride


Workbench Rental  $15.00 per Hour

Do you know how to do the work but lack the tools? Rent a workbench and receive access to all tools, including specialty tools, to get your bike back into road-ready shape. Rentals available during our Tuesday-Sunday hours. Call or email to reserve your spot today! 



For any service asking for an estimate before work, we ask for $20 deposit, which may not be refundable. 


We ask kindly that you clean your bike before your appointment. Built up road debris and layers of dirt can cause your bike to improperly function. Labor charges may be added if we need to take significant time to work around or clean your bike/parts.


Due to limited space, we ask...

  • Please bring your bike in within 5 days of being called or your spot will be given to the next bike in line. 
  • Please pick up your bicycle within 15 days of completion. You will incur a $5 per day storage fee after 5 days. After 15 days, Community Cycles of California may consider it as a donation.